Welcome to the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here you can find the most frequently asked questions and answers to them. If you have any more qestions, feel free to contact us! You can find a contact email in the License Agreement document.

Who da fuq are you?

Hello my friend. Let me introduce myself. My name is Oliver, and I am a German Streamer and music producer on Twitch. And over the years, I really experienced what a hustle it can be, to find some good quality background music for my stream. So at some point, I decided to say fuck it and just do it by myself. Not for myself exclusively, but for all of you streamers out there!

Why do you give away free music?

I highly believe that music is an important part for a good and successful stream and video-production. Especially on Twitch, the options for high-quality background music are extremely limited or hidden behind paywalls. In my honest opinion, it’s just not fair to ask a small or new streamer for a minimum of 4.99 USD a month just to have the option to use good background music. Your stream grows with good quality, and music is a big part of that quality, which you want to give your viewers.

How can I support this project?

There is no need for any attribution or whatever. I do not do that for fame, money or anything like that! I run this project to spread some nice music and that’s all! But if you want to put in some support, you are absolutely free to do so. As a viewer, you can spread this website to streamers when you think that the music matches the stream. As a content creator, you could put a link to this website in your twitch panels or video description if you like. I uploaded some assets for you in here 😉

Download Twitch Panels

Download Instagram Templates

Download Wallpaper

Edit: Because many of you asked if they can support the project financially, I started a Patreon for this. If you like, you can click this link and contribute to the project on Patreon. 

Can I use Jelly Beatz on Twitch?

Sure! However, the (Twitch-) world is never perfect, so it happens from time to time, that you can get a VoD-mute if the copyright protection system from Twitch mismatches a Jelly Beatz track with others songs. This is not a big deal tho, and you can just inform them in your Creators Dashboard that this is a mismatch, and you are allowed to use this track. Please feel free to attach the license agreement if you ever get a claim, because this helps you to release the claim!

Can I use Jelly Beatz on YouTube?

I totally allow it! However, the (YouTube-) world is far away from being perfect, so it happens from time to time, that you can get a claim if the copyright protection system from YouTube mismatches a Jelly Beatz track with others songs. You can fill out a request to release the claim in your YouTube Studio, and they will typically release it within 7-30 days, and you do not lose any of your income. Please do not forget to attach the Jelly Beatz License Agreement to your request, as this is needed for YouTube to release a claim. Please note, that YouTube Content-ID system is very often used by scammers and YouTube has no protection in any way for content creators, so we would not recommend using YouTube as a creator.

Can I use Jelly Beatz on other media like podcasts?

Feel free, buddy! The project is meant to be used as background music for any media. You can use it without any attribution. There are a few limitations tho (see next segment for the limitations).

What are the limitations?

You can not use Jelly Beatz on your Games and TV-Shows or Movies. Also, you can not re-upload it on Spotify, Apple Music and similar services, and you are prohibited to register it to any provider of user-generated content identification services (for example: TuneCore or CDBaby, YouTube Content-ID). Jelly Beatz is not meant to be used for music production and therefore not allowed to be used as such. You are not allowed to use it for political content, racist content, harmful content against humans, animals or companies or any illegal content.

Where can I get that License Agreement?