Featured Artists

Welcome to the „featured artists“ page for our awesome artists and producers. Meet some of the great music artists behind the Jelly Beatz project. Each one of them contributed in an incredible and unique way to the project. These people are the real MVPs of this project. Thank you a lot, for your awesome work!

Mark Ebar (Producer)

Picture of Mark Ebar

Hi there! My name is Mark and I am a Venezuelan electronic music producer. I’m born in 1997 and already from a very young age i started to develop my passion for electronic music. In 2014, I decided to start my career as an EDM producer.

Ahmed Zineddine (Producer)

Hi! My name is Ahmed Zineddine. My very own mission is to produce unique art, which connects deeply with other peoples hearts and acts as the ultimate form of human expression.

Usman Shams (Producer)

Hi! I am Usman Shams from Pakistan and I produce electronic music. I have been making music for almost 3 years. I always dreamed about making my own original music, even when I was just 5 years old. Now I am living that dream.

JhonWander (Composer)

Picture of JhonWander

Music is definitely one of the most beautiful things there is. Through music many of us can communicate feelings better than with words. Music has always moved me since I was little. And it’s what I like to do most nowadays, and it’s always a pleasure to share my music with others.